Custom Hand-Carved Leather Guitar Strap - Whiskey Dick

Custom hand-carved leather guitar strap - whiskey dick


We got a call from Keisha, who found us on the InterWebs.  Keisha is a HUGE fan of the band, "Whiskey Dick" and goes all over the place to watch them perform.   

They were going to be in her town soon, so she wanted to surprise band member, Fritz, with a custom, hand-made leather guitar strap as a gift! 

WOW!  What a gal!



Fritz and his band, "Whiskey Dick", are QUITE unique.  This tatted-up, Rockabilly band is wild, crazy, creative and just plain COOL!


Fritz is loaded with personality and Keisha wanted his guitar strap to match his crazy style.  Her idea was to create something that resembled a "Tattoo Sleeve" but also had a bit of familiar flare included to match Fritz unique personality. 

Whiskey Dick - handmade custom leather guitar strap
Custom Hand-Carved Guitar Strap

Fritz is an artist in the truest sense of the word.  He expresses himself through singing, playing guitar, and through drawing and wood carving.  

Keisha wanted this custom leather guitar strap to convey Fritz's style and pay homage to some of his genuine artwork.  So, you'll see snippets and hints of Fritz' flair peppered throughout this hand-carved leather piece. 

We made this custom leather guitar strap using #1 Grade Hermann Oak leather.  

The design was sketched out using ideas provided by Keisha.  She said that Fritz liked Jim Beam, Flames, and all things music.  

He also has some artwork that she wanted met to include as a surprise for Fritz.  So, we found a piece the Keisha liked and traced it onto the leather.  

Whiskey Dick - Custom handmade leather guitar strap

Next, we got to work on hand-tooling all of these designs into Fritz's custom leather guitar strap and let the strap dry. 

With the leather dry, we hand-dyed the black areas, using Fiebings Pro Oil Dye, getting it into all of the recesses.  We then applied  Saddle-Tan antique glaze from Tandy Leather to give it that "antiqued" look.  

The back of this custom leather guitar strap is lined with supple and soft black pigskin leather suede and stitched in natural #277 bonded nylon thread. As you know... this is my favorite!

 Keshia sent us these photos of Fritz receiving his new handmade custom leather guitar strap.  She said he was so happy, he put it on his guitar - right then and there! 

What a cool gift, Keisha!  We should all be so lucky to have such a friend!
Fritz - Whiskey Dick - Happy Customer
Fritz - Whiskey Dick

Keisha liked this custom guitar strap she had commissioned.  

We like it!  

We think Fritz does, too!


Check out Fritz and his band, WhiskeyDick at , or on iTunes here