How to Measure For a Custom Leather Belt

How to Measure for Custom-Made Leather Belts:

When ordering a custom-made belt, it’s important to get the fit right.     Belt makers aren’t really interested in your waistline, necessarily.    We actually need to know the “Entire” length of the piece of leather that you require for a belt that fits you, individually.

What you may NOT know, is that we have pre-set dimensions for where your buckle goes (buckle end), as well as the holes where you fasten the belt (billet end).  These measurements will add to the “overall” length of the belt strap we make for you.

So, when you order a new belt, we just need to know what’s different about YOU (your actual waist circumference).


To correctly measure your belt size for your belt maker, do the following: 

  1. Start measuring at the buckle end, right were the belt folds over for the buckle.
  2. Measure from the fold of the buckle, all the way to the hole where you wear the belt.
    (DO NOT measure all the way to the end of the belt strap!)
  3. The measurement between the fold of the buckle and the hole you comfortably wear your belt in is the measurement that your belt maker needs.


See the chart below for your reference.


How to measure for a custom made leather belt