About Us

Full House Custom Leather provides quality, hand-made leather goods including coasters, belts, guitar straps, holsters, and many other custom-made projects.  We also provide laser-engraving services and non-leather, engraved products.  We are family-owned and operated from deep in the heart of Texas!   

 Though we sometimes carry stock, in preparation for events and shows, all of our products are typically made to order - Just for you.   Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery unless specified otherwise.  

What Makes Full House Leather Unique?  

We blend old-school leather craftsmanship with new technology (lasers, design software, and innovative shop tools) to create beautiful, functional custom products that our customers can be proud to own.  

Many of our products feature #1 grade Hermann Oak or other high-grade, vegetable tanned leather from the good old USA! All of our holsters and belts are sewn with bonded nylon thread, using a production-quality Cobra Class 4 Premium sewing machine, and are finished with water-resistant sealers for long-lasting protection. We have many combinations of dye and thread colors to choose from.

All of our products are proudly made right deep in the heart of Texas, USA!  


What's the story behind your company name?

Many small businesses choose a self-indulgent name, just because it sounds cool and makes for a great logo.  Even though (we think) we have a cool name and logo - it actually has deep meaning.   

A "Full House" in Poker is a very powerful hand - the third highest hand possible, actually.  It consists of 3 cards of one kind and two of another.  While it looks cool in the logo, and the name is catchy - you might think, "Why not go for the Straight Flush?"   - well.. frankly, it sounds disgusting and I don't want anyone to "Straight Flush" my family business!   

Four of a Kind?   Well... You'd have to assume they'd all be Aces and nobody likes a bragger, right?  Haha!


So, Why Full House?  

Like a Full House in poker, our family is very hard to beat!  Also, we have 3 "Queens" (our ladies) and two "Kings" (Me and my loyal Dog!) in our household, which makes our house pretty darn full!   So... We named our business "Full House Custom Leather" to represent quality, humility, variety, and strength - just like us!