Full Grain Leather Apron (Shop, Welding, BBQ)


Our Leather Shop aprons are rough and tough!  They're handmade, specifically for the heavy-duty things you do around the shop or the BBQ.
These rugged, full-grain, oil-tanned leather aprons are made to take an absolute beating!


Full Grain leather oil tanned Shop apron

This leather shop apron was made for my buddy, Jordan.

Jordan builds some killer rat rods, muscle cars, and bikes.   He's pretty well known, locally, for his "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man"  Harley Davidson replica builds.

I love to swing by from time to time and see what he's got going on.  

 Jordan does a lot of welding, grinding, and other fabrication work, so he's always working with sharp objects and things that are just plain filthy!  

So, we made his custom shop apron from full-grain, oil-tanned leather in a color called "Kodiak".  This leather is called a "pull-up" leather because you can wrinkle or scratch it and the leather will "pull-up" the oils, revealing the under color.   

Not only does this look cool (if you like that sort of thing), but you can rub it out with your palms and it goes right back to its original color.  

Like I said - these are ready for some heavy duty action!

Full Grain Leather Shop Apron Inside
 TestLeather Shop Apron Straps Swivel Snap Closure

 The inside of the apron is just the backside of the hide (un-lined).

 We've tied it together with some hand-made gussets, riveted on using antique brass rivets and D-rings, connected by an antique brass swivel snap (like on a dog leash) closure at the end.  

This makes it easy to slip the apron overhead and clasp it around the waist.    We made Jordan's "One-Size-Fits-Jordan", but we can make adjustable straps for you, if you like.  

 The front has a large, single chest pocket for keeping your phone, or quick-change hand tools at the ready.   The pocket is stitched with natural, bonded nylon thread and reinforced with brass rivets at the corners for added protection.  Happy Customer Custom Leather Shop Apron


If you’re looking for a cool, custom leather workshop apron – Contact Us!  We can help you customize one just for you!