Leather Biker Watch Band

Custom Leather Biker Watch Band

 Our client, Joey, was such a great guy to work with.  Joey found us via the InterWebs one day.   He came straight out to the shop (over an hour drive for him) only to find out that we weren't there!  
DOH!!!  Shoulda called first, Joey!! - Lunchtime! haha!   Luckily we found each other quickly before he left town.  


Joey had had a very specific request to upgrade the band of his good friend’s Harley Davidson Watch as a gift.   Man - our customers are some VERY generous people!  

Joey wanted a "no-mistake" custom leather watch band that was "All Biker" and really cool.  He came up with the idea for design and asked us to run with it.  Well, we did.  

This custom leather biker watch band was 100% Hand-made for Joey.  He wanted a (very) wide wrist cuff style watch, interlaced with 3 adjustable strap closures.    

We grabbed some Hermann Oak leather, measured out the cuff size, then marked and punched all of the holes where we would eventually weave the 3 straps through.  

Next, we cut the small straps, punched the adjustment holes, and dyed all of the pieces with Fibbing's Pro Oil Dye in black.  

Custom Leather Biker Watch Band
Custom leather biker watch band

Once the dye was dried, buffed, and sealed, we fastened the tiny buckles with silver rivets.  

Chicago screws hold the actual watch in place, so it can be changed out and swapped out for another watch, if needed.

I think it turned out great.  It's definitely a big piece to wear on the wrist, but I think that's exactly what Joey was after.   I know he liked it.

Oh!...  and Joey’s lady friend gave me her “Two Thumbs Up” of approval as they drove away.

Ya see there, folks.  That’s what it’s all about!